What do we do?

For many clients, we conduct business analysis to find ways of reducing manual effort in workflows wherever possible and eliminate duplication of tasks across teams. The aim is to identify workflow automation solutions that ensure work/data flows from one person/application to another in seamless harmony, to overcome bottlenecks and breakdowns.

The end result is a transformation of processes to ensure an organisation is able to spend more time on the tasks that matter.


Save time

Your team will spend less time on tedious manual tasks and more time on projects that add value to the organisation

Improve processes

Make everything work properly together – from automatic document creation to fielding customer queries to the correct member of staff

Move forward

Move faster by knowing that the bulk of the admin work is covered correctly and automatically

Case study

The Guild of Letting & Management is a trade organisation working within the private rented sector. Its objective is to set professional standards and support its members in fulfilling their responsibilities and achieving best business practice.

Having designed a new website for the company and introduced a brand new e-learning platform for BTEC courses, we set about streamlining company workflows to make the operation more efficient. This was achieved by integrating all the main applications and tools used on a daily basis to eliminate duplication of effort and automate as many tasks as possible. This included:

  • Using Evernote to create new WordPress blog posts automatically, saving the time of logging into WordPress, copying, pasting and formatting the post (this is triggered by moving the desired ‘note’ into a specific notes folder)
  • Automated content creation for social networks and email, based on the website content created
  • Tracking and order information synchronisation between WooCommerce and Mailchimp
  • Accounting workflow streamlining